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          Ren Lian is a professional Human Resources Inc, with a professional recruitment / training team and project management team
          --- to find the most suitable people according to different section requirements.

          It can provide one-stop solutions for enterprises. Covers employee social insurance and pay the tax management, document processing, file management, security and other aspects, to help customers streamline personnel work process, easily solve the employees from entry to all affairs to leave, for customers to reduce the cost of human resources management, improve the efficiency of human resource management.
          Personnel agency &amp; Outsourcing
          To provide customers with professional HR customer service personnel, providing one-stop one-stop personnel services.
          Social security / housing accumulation fund
          Social security base audit, reporting, payment, account consolidation and transfer and insurance claims; provident fund base audit, reporting, payment, account consolidation, provident fund loans, withdrawals and other advisory.
          Entry and Exit Service
          According to the archives issued by all kinds of personnel certificates, use / withdraw work procedures, titles Review Advisory, assist in the introduction of talent, etc..
          Salary tax management
          Payroll, tax declaration
          Employee file
          Unified profile management
          Policy consultation


            Headquarters address: Shanghai, Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, China No. 17 southeast Road, building 1706-1710, room 1271-1289


          Copyright Renlian group (China) Services Ltd. all HU ICP No. 16041158 -2

          Friendship link:Shanghai social security center   Landa Net   Shanghai filing Center