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          Ren Lian is a professional Human Resources Inc, with a professional recruitment / training team and project management team
          --- to find the most suitable people according to different section requirements.
               Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) means that enterprises outsource all or part of their recruitment requirements to professional companies. The function is equivalent to the recruitment department within the enterprise and is responsible for providing the necessary skills, tools and techniques to the clients. In simple terms, the recruitment process is RPO (enterprise recruitment process: from the establishment of specific requirements to the entry of candidates, the recruitment process outsourcing services to provide management and grasp all aspects, including job requirements, recruitment channel management, the establishment of screening, candidate interview etc) to a professional Human Resources Inc to do. Recruitment process outsourcing can improve recruitment quality and shorten the time to fill vacancies, improve the administrative management process, the core business indicators report and reduce the total cost, the current domestic enterprises have begun to discover and use the RPO to complete the recruitment task the advantages of RPO, slashing costs and improve the quality of recruitment, improve effectiveness and efficiency the recruitment process. Today, RPO has become the latest trend in recruitment.
          1. ensure qualified personnel
          More and more institutions are becoming increasingly competitive with quality candidates. RPO services can meet customer demand for rapid access to talent, and enterprises need to find the most suitable candidates in the shortest possible time to help enterprises to establish core competitiveness
          2. reduce recruitment costs
          By improving the recruitment process, making full use of the best practice experience, replacing the fixed cost system with a variable price system, recruitment process outsourcing can effectively reduce recruitment costs through long-term cooperation.
          3. reduce recruitment costs
          The tedious recruitment process will be given to us, and the human resources within the enterprise can focus on the core affairs of the more important enterprises.
          4. one-stop service
          Through the RPO service integration of resources, to provide enterprises with convenient one-stop service, to avoid contact with many human resources suppliers one by one.
          5. customized recruitment solutions
          According to the enterprise's own recruitment situation, provide the most suitable recruitment system solutions for enterprises, help enterprises improve the quality and efficiency of recruitment.


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