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          Ren Lian is a professional Human Resources Inc, with a professional recruitment / training team and project management team
          --- to find the most suitable people according to different section requirements.
          Provide short, medium and long-term projects and personnel outsourcing for the recruitment season, new projects, short-term staff replacement and tight staffing.
          Flexible work means: customers will be repeated labor positions, general categories of jobs and other recruitment requirements entrusted to the joint venture group, directly with the kernel settlement, Ren responsible for recruiting candidates, and quickly solve the following problems.
          Service model
          Support customers through post outsourcing and service process outsourcing to improve organizational flexibility and reduce risk
          Unique advantages
          1 、 recruitment and management of the overall solution
          2, does not occupy the company's internal staffing, service flexibility: 3 months - 3 years
          3, without one-time payment of recruitment fees, the monthly fee collection, the average allocation
          4, during the service period, personnel turnover (active / passive) free replacement
          5, during the service period, the post of staff vacancies, there is no service charge
          6, assist enterprises to do back-end personnel management
          7, outsourcing personnel can be converted to formal staff, reducing the loss rate


            Headquarters address: Shanghai, Lujiazui, Pudong New Area, China No. 17 southeast Road, building 1706-1710, room 1271-1289


          Copyright Renlian group (China) Services Ltd. all HU ICP No. 16041158 -2

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